Turbo Blazer Build

Tuning & info on the truck

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For tuning since i have no software i use the cartech adjustable FMU and my AEM UEGO wideband to dial in the AFR- i have a very safe base tune from hellbents10 from PT.net for 10psi. but as of right now i have no way of adjusting the timing in my tune. I do have a devils own stage 1 methanol kit installed on the truck but until i can tune it i cant really use it effectivley.

Misc info on the truck-
As the truck sits it has 49,000+ miles on it right now. Its daily driven, rain or shine its my only mode of transportation. The truck has never had the valve covers off of the engine and it runs strong. I couldnt ask for it to do any better then it has. The truck is a stock 4.3L v6 in front of a 4l60e with a shift kit and vette servos. The rearend is a stock 7.5" with stock 3.42's and an open carrier..... AKA one tire fire. With the traction bars and Drag radials the truck still pulls off 1.8 60' with ease. The truck needs a tune bad as you can see in the trap speeds in my 1/4 mile and 1/8th mile stats. It hits third and bogs and runs so rich it dumps black smoke. In second im still getting a 10.0 AFR. I really dont have a choice since im running an FMU. To keep the AFR safe in 1st gear i sacrifise the rest of the gears. But its still a strong runner. The second to third shift is a little too high. Once it get a good tune in it, it will really wake up and hopefully pick up 4 to 5 tenths of a second in the 1/4 mile. Which is really a very conservative estimation.

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