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PCV set-up
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MY PCV set-up


I wasnt comfortable with my previous PCV set-up with just a check valve in line of the PCV. This is totally isolates the PCV and will leave no chance for boosting the PCV or crankcase. Run lines from both valve covers to the catch can. The top of the catch can has a fitting that goes to the intake side of the turbo which pulls vacumme. There is a portion of stainless steel woll @ the top of the catch can to condese the oil/water/gas mixture that comes in through the valve cover fittings. Keeping it out of the intake. This set-up also keeps oil blow bye way down.


This is the fitting on the passenger side valve cover. This fitting is a 3/8ths fitting to a 90* 1/4" to 5/16 flare fitting. Just put it firmly into where the stock breather peice goes. Fits right in tightly. Run that line back to the catch can.



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