Turbo Blazer Build
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This site is 2 catalog my DIY turbo build on my 2002 4.3L 4l60e LS blazer. I started out with a bit of nitrous which was fun and all. on a 100shot i ran a best of 9.29 @ 77mph in the 1/8th. I have just grown tired of refilling bottles and in the long run it was costing me alot more. So i decided 2 go with the boost option.

My set-up revolves around the idea of the STS turbo kit (http://www.ststurbo.com/). Their set-up is a remote mount or rear mounted turbo. You can read the details on their site. There is a turbo kit out for my truck from machperformance.com but with $6,000 price tag and me being a highschool student it isnt a wise decision. And since i can peice a rearmount turbo kit together for much cheaper than an STS universal kit that is what i plan on doing.

The sts kit does have a couple short commings such as missing a BOV (blow off valve), and fueling, as well as an intercooler which my not be necessary in some applications but i chose to add one to my kit.

The Fuel system for my truck is a total mess on the part of GM. Now i recognize they didnt design or plan on any modifications be done to a blazer / s10 or any vehicle with the vortec series of motors so they went with what ever was most cost effective or whatever at the time of production. But the use of poppet style injectors leaves us without many options besides custom MPFI (multi port fuel injection) set-ups, or the use of an FMU (Fuel managment unit) and an inline fuel pump. I chose the cheaper/easier route due to funding.

Another limitation is the stock intake manifold but i wont be trying to fix that problem anytime soon due to money but eventually it will be a multiport fuel injection set-up.

The goal of this project is to make 350whp + on my truck. This will of course not be the daily tune but i want 2 be capable of this whp when needed @ the track. Along with the turbo project i will be installing a 3000stall torque converter/tranny cooler, and ford 8.8" rearend so i can run slicks without have to worry about not being able to get home. But those will be later.

I am already past the planning and design stages, and am ordering parts. Already have all of the oil lines and fittings, intercooler, and BOV. Waiting on lots of piping, couplers, clamps, etc.

_____________________THE TURBO SET-UP______________________

Real Garrett t3/t4 hybrid 60-trim turbo

29" wide including endtanks, 9" tall and a whopping 2.75" thick with a 2 1/2" inlet and outlet.

Turbonetics evolution 38mm wastegate w/ 10psi spring
Turbonetics Manual Boost controller

Cartech FMU, and inline fuel pump

Tilton oil pump, all steel braided lines with russell fittings. The return is through the oil fill cap. will have pictures up tommorow

Mail order tune from Hellsbent10 from s10forum.com. As well an AEM wideband uego air/fuel ration guage.

Autometer boost guage
2" tubing from turbo 2 intercooler
2.5" tubing from intercooler to the MAF to the TB
Using all silicone couplers as well as T-bolt clamps clamping everything down.




What's New?

6/20/06- bought Garret turbocharger

7/8/ 06- ordered oil set-up, intercooler, BOV, and all tubing and

7/14/06- Oil set-up came in from jegs
7/15/06- prefabrication for oil system almost completed.

7/17/06- all oil lines and return through oil cap finished. and some clamps and misc shit came in the mail- pictures below

7/19/06- intercooler arrived with all clamps, hoses, flanges, gaskets

7/20/06- BOV arrived

7/21/06- Ordered AEM wideband

7/23/06- Spent about 4 hours 2day cutting and slicing stuff 2 make the intercooler fit without a hitch. has enough clearance on both sides for the piping. had 2 cut some of the clear corners tabs off, infact i had 2 remove the closest tabs 2 the radiator totally. Pictures Below

7/25/06- recieved 38mm Turbonetics evolution wastegate and ordered some more couplers.

7/30/06- spent another 5 hours cutting and fabbing alot of the turbo2intercooler piping. going 2morow 2 get stuff welded up.

10/15- Completly finished- sorry guys i will be posting up more videos and pictures and a whole write up on the build- IF THERE IS ENOUGH INTREST THERE WILL BE A COLD PIPING KIT COMMING OUT OF THIS- THIS WILL INCLUDE PIPING FROM THE TURBO TO THE MAF SOLD AS A KIT-















Any questions just gimmi an e-mail. wizard2@comcast.net

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